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Myrtle Place Boulevard

Oaklawn Subdivision

St. Mary Boulevard

Oaklawn Subdivision

"President Clay" & "Lavender" Azaleas

St. Mary Boulevard

Oaklawn Subdivision

"Southern Indica" Azaleas

St. Mary Boulevard

Oaklawn Subdivision

Historic Azalea Street

"Gulf Pride" Azaleas

Near University Avenue & Myrtle Place Boulevard

Seven Oaks

A stunning display of large 

George Tabor, G G Gerbing and Formosa Azaleas.

 St. Mary Boulevard in Oaklawn Subdivision

Asian Style ​Home 

A ridge of "George Tabor" Azaleas 

 Congress Street near Cajun Dome Boulevard


A 1920 's Tudor style village neighborhood 

adjacent to ULL University District.

Southern Indica Lavender Azaleas

Enter thru the historic stucco canopy on Johnston Street.

Grand Mall Boulevard 

An historic park in Mouton Gardens Neighborhood showcasing a grand display of Lafayette's city flower; 

"The General Lafayette" 

Southern Indica Lavender Formosa Azaleas

Whittington Park

Whittington Park

Colonial homes adorned with George Tabors, Pink Ruffles, and Snow White Azaleas.

Girard Park Drive  

A lovely setting of George Tabor & G G Gerbing azaleas among the Townhouse's gazebo.

A residential cherub garden.

Girard Park Pond Pavilion and Azalea Walk of Azaleas around the pond.

Bendel Gardens

Azaleas and Bridals Wreath  on the hill.

Beverly Drive in Bendel Gardens Neighborhood

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