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Lafayette LA featured in The Azalean Journal

The Azalea Society of America "Azalean Journal" has featured Lafayette in several issues for the historic azalea trail and Spring 2022 convention tours.  Tours included Lafayette's beautiful parade of historic properties, homes, schools, churches and museums along the trail.  

Historic District points of interest are found up and down the trail throughout the city.

Located in Freetown-Port Rico Historic District, 

The Good Hope Hall has a beautiful display of 

Encore Azaleas and Southern Indica Red 

and Lavender Formosa Azaleas. 

Moncus Central Park

Lafayette's Beautiful New Central Park Development

 located on the former "Horse Farm" of the University.

The Louisiana Chapter of the Azalea Society of America, The Stuller Foundation and Parish Proud and local donors beautified the entrance with over 180 

Formosa azaleas Fall 2020. 

Located along La Rue France, a magnificent display 

of large Southern Indica Formosa Azaleas is shades of 

Red, Pink, Coral, and Lavender skirting Live Oaks. 

A stunning display of Southern 

Lavender & Red Formosa Azaleas.

300 Fisher Road adjacent to

Jean Lafitte Acadian Cultural Center

Acadian Village

200 Greenleaf Drive

Lafayette, LA 

A stunning display of Red Formosa Azaleas on the Church grounds located on Camellia Boulevard.  

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